Obtaining Thetis

Thetis requires installation of Firedrake (available for Ubuntu, Mac, and in principle other Linux and Linux-like systems) and must be run from within the Firedrake virtual environment.

Install Firedrake and Thetis

You can install both Firedrake and Thetis by running:

curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/firedrakeproject/firedrake/master/scripts/firedrake-install
python3 firedrake-install --install thetis

See Firedrake website for more information on the installation procedure. Note that the install proceduce may take up to one hour depending on your system.

The Thetis source will be installed in the src/thetis subdirectory of your Firedrake install. In order to use Firedrake and Thetis you need to activate the Firedrake virtualenv:

source <your-firedrake-install-dir>/firedrake/bin/activate

Using this install method you should not add Thetis to your PYTHONPATH. Instead, Thetis will automatically be available to import whenever your Firedrake virtualenv is active.

If you have already installed Firedrake

You can install Thetis in your Firedrake installation by activating the Firedrake virtualenv and running:

firedrake-update --install thetis

If you are using a shared, pre-installed Firedrake (such as on some clusters)

Check out the Thetis repository from Github. You then need to add the Thetis repository to your PYTHONPATH in the Firedrake virtualenv. You can do this with pip:

pip install -e <path-to-thetis-repository>